Illusions Lab focuses on sustainable fashion design and fashion based on ecological approaches and materials. We are so glad that the movement toward more natural, chemical-free, environmentally-safe, and cruelty-free products is becoming more and more widespread.

​Felting fundamental techniques is a great eco-recipe as it is mostly manual process that requires a small amount of water and natural soap.


Our collections include high fashion garments and accessories without compromising our commitment to using only natural fibers and fabrics. It's also important to mention that felting technology keeps us waste-free, as every single tiny piece of fabric or wool felt will be used to create an amazing texture of the next project.

Luxury natural fibers come from a wide range of plants and animals from around the world – from sheep, goats, camels, alpacas, paco-vicunas, silk cocoons, cotton balls, sisal leaves, coconut husks, stalks of jute, hemp, flax, ramie plants and many others.

Beautiful recycled natural fabrics as sari silk from India always a great way to infuse something new and fresh in our designs and often give an inspiration for creating something absolutely unique. 

Our values have led to support U.S. local farmers who produce natural fibers and contribute the growth of a local economy based on ecological and cruelty-free movements.


Illusions' Lab luxurious wearable art is your way to make a bold statement of elegance and uniqueness.

Seamless and reversible couture apparel is born from a fusion of modern fashion design and ancient technology.  Each one-of-a-kind piece is meticulously sculpted by the artist through a hand-felting process.

All collections are consciously made with concern for our precious natural environment and your comfort, and use only hand-selected sustainable natural fibers.


Our mission is to create a look of timeless luxury that celebrates your individuality.


While felting is an ancient technique invented thousand years ago it's still developing with every single project, bringing the opportunity for creating a variety of different art effects in apparel and accessories.

Differing of industrial felt, hand felted pieces may have no seams or stitches as they sculptured as a whole 3D piece. Exclusive sophisticated texture created through artisan hand felting process is a fusion of natural luxurious high-quality loose fibers and fabrics.

Felting is pretty meticulous and time-consuming process. To create one garment our artist has to pass the multiple stages - create the special 3D felting template, layer the fibers, actual felting, filling process, hand dye, attach the fasteners and other decorations. Usually, the whole process takes at least 16 - 32 hours.

Certainly, the high laboriousness of the process reflects our prices but we glad that our customers appreciate the uniqueness of texture and design, seamless fit, and exceptional quality that lasts for years. Our main focus is reaching 100% customer satisfaction, providing high-quality customer service and quality control.


For several years we have been successfully participating in the art festivals. galleries and shows, providing an individual approach to customers and winning awards and honorable mentions. We are very glad that our on-line shops show positive customers reviews, social media profiles count thousands of followers.


Illusions lab successfully works with high-end boutiques. We participate in U.S. and international fashion weeks, art festivals, always open for collaborations, partnerships, and new interesting projects.

Jeanne Akita – artist, fashion designer, and creator of Illusions Lab. Jeanne has a degree in finance and 15 years’ experience as a financial analyst. She has been practicing many forms of art as a hobby before finally art and fashion became her profession and lifestyle.

The idea that fashion reflects our individuality as a foundation and essential element of dedication to the art of everyday life, lies behind the creation of Illusions Lab.
Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of nature’s elements and colors, while influenced by myriad art forms, Jeanne creates unique seamless and reversible art-to-wear by fusing modern fashion design with ancient hand felting art.


Each one-of-a-kind piece is meticulously 3D sculpted through a hand-felting process exclusively by the artist, using sustainable natural loose fibers such as the finest Merino wool, Tussah silk, and Flax. 
Every single piece has a unique design, texture, and individual character that can never be repeated the same way.

In the process of creating collections, Jeanne loves to experiment with different shapes, forms, mix different design approaches, combine traditional and modern technologies. Her artistic grand finale uses dyes and brushes to incarnate a work of art that penetrates one’s deepest senses and stirs the hearts of both wearer and viewer.


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