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Saint Louis Art Fair - First Place 2022

Columbus Art Festival - Merit Award 2022

Bayou City Art Festival - Museum of Fine Art Houston Curatorial Award for Excellence 2022

Bayou City Art Festival  - Best of show 3rd place 2022

La Quinta Art Celebration - Award of merit, Fiber 2021 

Utah Arts Festival - Best of show 2021

Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Festival - Best of Show / Fiber 2021

St. George Art Festival - First Place / Fiber 2021

Kimball Art Festival, Park City - Best of Show / Fiber 2019


Kimball Art Festival, Park City - Best of Show / Fiber 2018

Urban Arts Festival, Utah - Honorable Mention 2016



 "If you want to get noticed, just wear it in public.  I’ve been stopped on the street, in parking lots, elevators, concert halls, and restaurants wearing my unique-one-of-a-kind felted jacket. People ask what it is made of, where I got it, and if they can touch the fabric!"    

 Lyndie N, San Francisco, Sept. 2017


 "I had never thought of “wearable art” before I attended Illusions Lab Fashion show in Vancouver. OooooLala! Now I Wear Art! and it’s so much fun."  

 Genvieve U, Vancouver, March 2017


 "I wore one of Jean’s mid-thigh Jackets and petal-like, sheer fabric hat that picked up just one color of the jacket and have NEVER had so many compliments in my 50-year life!"

 Victoria W., NYC, Feb, 2018


 "Illusion’s Lab & Jean’s design and crafting are beyond compare.  I have a dress, jacket, and “quirky” skirt.  Each feels as if it were “made just for me”.  That’s not the only thing! I’m into protecting the planet and Illusions Lab considers environmental safety as well as sustainability in selecting their materials AND in their production process.  To me that’s so important in our current planetary fix.  Kudos!!"  

 Patricia O., NYC, Sep. 2018


 "Have never felt so “me” in my merino wool and natural silk dress created by Illusions Lab."      

Isabelle M, Vail, July 2018


 "Your crafts-womanship is astonishing!  Love my unique “wearable art” jacket."   

Theo G., Park City, Aug. 2018


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