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Unique shawl / wrap created through hand felting technique using just water, soap, hand agitation, and sustainable loose fibers such as finest Merino wool (approx 80%) and Tussah silk (20%). Nuno felted wool and silk create beautiful lace, breathable and hygroscopic due to the natural wool properties. It is fully reversible and has different design on both sides. It is very beautiful to combine both sides when draping. Very thin, soft, and flexible, drapes perfectly. 


Works perfectly for any style and occasion, adding a little elegant twist to the everyday look. Size - approx. 65" x 30".

The shawl can be made in any color - please reach out for the custom order (if you have a particular color in mind, please add a picture to your message).

Care guide: Hand wash or trusted dry clean. Hand wash instructions will be sent with the order.

Lace Shawl / Wrap Ashes (Black & White)

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